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Brian Law’s   Leonardo da Vinci Models
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Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) is the best-known of these Renaissance artist-engineers. He used drawing and text together to perform thought experiments in many areas of engineering and science. These thought experiments include the design of a helicopter-like flying machine, a military tank, and a bridge. da Vinci developed the form of an engineering or scientific notebook that is used to support the process of engineering design or scientific inquiry. Figure 10 shows the design of a giant crossbow that da Vinci created.

Leonardo and the Renaisance Engineers

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Leonardo da Vinci - The Complete Works

British Library - Images on line

Britsh Library_Images on line 2

Leonardo Art at Artsy- Excellent large images

KMODDL- Kinematic models for design

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Codex - Leicester - Hammer

Kinematic models for design ( Codex Madrid)

Leonardo Da Vinci Notebooks Pdf

Leonardo’s Contemporaries

Leonardo Drawings on line

Links to Leonardo and his contemporaries.

Engineering the Renaissance

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Taccola - De ingeneis

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