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Brian Law’s   Leonardo da Vinci Models
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You can download the 3D model files in IGS and STP formats f for free.

Click here to download the files.

The only proviso is that you do not use the files to sell, or make models from the design to then sell on.

The files are for personal use only.

Leonardo’s Mechanical Drum is clearly based on a 2 wheeled cart with a large drum mounted at the rear, and played with two groups of 5 drum sticks mounted to the sides of the cart and driven by the motion of the wheels through a lantern gear arrangement. The gear turns two barrels fitted with pegs that that push on the ends of the drum sticks against a spring to a point of release, when the spring forces the drumstick back to beat the drum.The beat pattern can be altered by moving the pegs to different positions around the drum.

The Drum is probably intended to be a large tambour, constructed a wooden tube with animal skins stretched over both ends, laced through a hoop and tensioned by loop rope. A gut snare may even have been fitted beneath the heads

da-Vinci-Models-Mechanical-Drum-p5.jpg da-Vinci-Models-Mechanical-Drum-p1.jpg da-Vinci-Models-Mechanical-Drum-p2.jpg da-Vinci-Models-Mechanical-Drum-p3.jpg da-Vinci-Models-Mechanical-Drum-p4.jpg da-Vinci-Mechanical-Drum.jpg cart-2.jpg mF7l5Dd9s0aKMtQUma_d0BQ.jpg Farm-Cart.jpg

Mouse over the buttons to see render image displayed to the left.To see larger versions of these images just left click the button and they will display in a new window that pops up over this one. Click your mouse button while viewing the image to switch to an enlarged view.

You can also save the image to your own computer by right clicking and choosing the  ‘safe image as...’ option.

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Mechanical Drum - Codex Atlanticus Folio 837r